Beauty Soaps

Cuzzi Soap
Delightfully fragrant, Cuzzi contains natural walnut powder and kojic for a wonderful bathing experience.
Black Pride Black Soap
A gentle soap rooted in African herbal skin care. Contains wild honey and fresh palm fruit oils.
Rozanna Beauty Soap
Formulated for the woman of style, the soap makes for a radiant smooth and lovely skin.
Terry Family Soap
Terry soap with a rich, fragrant lather. Cleanses the skin of spots and blemishes.
Skincare Medicated Soap
Skincare protects the body from germs. Gives a refreshing, deep clean leaving the skin smooth and revitalized.
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Made from the finest of ingredients, including extracts of rare mushrooms, pure bush honey, walnut powder, and a selection of quality materials, our beauty soaps promise radiance in skin complexion and smoothness that only the best can give. 


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