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Your Skin
Kojic & Walnut
Reveal Your Beauty
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The skin sheds almost a million cells EVERY 24 HOURS!! The body usually sheds most of the dead cells but many remain to cause blackheads, and other skin blemishes, giving the skin a rough, scaly look and feel.
By gentle exfoliation, you can get rid of the dead skins and the blemishes for a silky, smooth radiance on the skin.

Cuzzi contains kojic, a natural skin toning and lightening ingredient found in mushrooms, soy and rice.

It prevents the formation of pigments and removes spots on the skin. 

Walnut poweder in Cuzzi gently but effectively removes dead skin cells and blackheads, leaving the skin spots free and smoother.

Cuzzi's rich lather gently massages the skin, and removes impurities on it. With its exfoliating power, it helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing the healthy, clean and radiant skin below. With Cuzzi, magically makes your skin look so young and smooth, reveialing your natural beauty.

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Cuzzi is produced under license from Goldensun S.A. Italy.

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