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Our subsidiary companies focus on adding value in so many exciting ways. They manufacture and market at both wholesale and retail levels to all markets. 

JUdeagbala Holdings continues to lead in areas of best manufacturing practices and in producing those products that people love to use. 

Beauty Base Limited

Beauty Base manufactures beauty and skin care products. Technical affiliations with notable manufacturers in Eurorpe ensure we produce only the best quality brands. 

beauty base logo.jpg

We make high crop yields possible through the provison of a range of herbicdes, pesticides and other agrochemicals that help plants grow and produce abundantly. 

Dynamic Farms Limited

Good cooking. Good health. These are qualities that mark out of brand, Kitchen Vegetable Oil. The best for the best. 

Kitchen Vegetable Oil Ltd.

We extract oils from high grade yields of palm kernel and soy beans. We refine and bulk market the oils for culinary and other uses. 

Dynamic Solvent
Extraction Plant

We manufacture and sell high quality PVC pipes for various uses, including home piping, irrigations and engineering applications

Quality Pipes Limited
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